MSN Simply Loves My Blog

MSN simply loves my blog! As of now, my textmates blog is no.1 on their search results for the keyword text messages and funny text messages against millions of competitors. Hey, I even beat! See screen shot for text messages’ SERPs here. Or you can try searching for it … Continue reading

World Shutdown Day

I found this on Stellify. March 24 is World Shutdown Day. A day where you have to shutdown your computer for the whole 24 hours. Can I do it? Yes I can, because on that day, we’ll be at the beach. No computers of any kind will be turned-on.

Toyota Batangas’ Customer Service

I was in Toyota Batangas last Saturday for my car’s 35000 km check-up. I left our house at around 9:30 AM, and reached the place at around 10:00 AM. There were 5 more cars in queue, and my car was serviced at around 11:30 AM. I thought, I’ll be able … Continue reading

Randomized Post

And I thought, Google Adsense is contextual. How come it is displaying diet-related advertisement when in fact, I haven’t mentioned dieting on this blog (except for now)? Kahit nga picture na mataba ako, wala eh. Nang-aasar ata itong Adsense na ito. Hehehe.

My Adsense Earnings Went Down Due To MFA Sites

Checking my Google Adsense account and seeing that earnings went down by 50% for the same number of clicks a week ago is not funny. What happened? Is my site penalized, or smart priced? I haven’t checked my blog for MFA (Made For Adsense in case you don’t know) site’s … Continue reading

Optimizing Blogs On The New Blogger

Blogger started forcing everyone to upgrade eversince they removed the New Blogger out of Beta. However, after upgrading, almost everyone I know remained on the Classic Template, or reverted back to Classic Template after seeing that the New Blogger is not that easy as what it seems to be. For … Continue reading

How To Setup A Dial-up Connection For Globelines Prepaid

This is not a step by step procedure. This is for people who know how to setup a dial-up connection, but didn’t know the necessary settings for Globelines Prepaid. Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is create a new dial-up connection and use the following settings:

Pusang Inang Copy Cat

What if you found someone copied and pasted your work on his blog and never gave you the credits? Instead, he claimed it as his work? Hindi ba, nakakaasar? Ok na naman. Inalis na nya ang kinopya nya after kong magmessage ng dalawang beses, kaso, may pasaring pa ang gago … Continue reading

I Accidentally Click My Google Ads

Yesterday night, while I’m surfing the net via Globe Visibility on my new laptop, I accidentally clicked my Google Ads. Kasi naman, kakaasar yung touch pad. I’m just trying to move the pointer, pero bigla ba namang iclick yung ads na katapat. So, nireport ko kaagad sa Google ang mga … Continue reading