Meeting Bloggers Face To Face

How could bloggers have an eyeball without blogging about it beforehand? I was just informed by insan. I went there with boy dapa, and there I found myself with fellow bloggers having fun. Here are some of our pictures:

Increase Your Blog Traffic By Forecasting

I’ve been doing this on my textmates blog and I can say that I was successful in every forecast that I made. The technique is to think of what people will search in the future and make a post one week before it happens. How do I do this? Do … Continue reading

Tito Jun

It was Thursday night, around 9:00PM when our landlady asked me to accompany her husband to the nearest clinic because he’s complaining of chest pain. I thought, it was just an ordinary chest pain, he’s not that weak, and was able to walk and sat beside me as I drive … Continue reading

PR Upgrade and Downgrades

Yes, this blog is PR4 now. But the recent PR update decreased the PR of my 2 popular blogs, textmates and PBBB.

Google Pagerank Update

Yes! Google is currently updating their Pagerank database (is that the right term?). And after four months of existence, it seems that this blog is going to have a Pagerank of 4 when the update finally finished. How did I know?

Odds And Ends Of GMANews.TV

I really like reading the Odds And Ends section of GMANews.TV. It features extra-ordinary news from around the world like a man freed by a judge after reciting Psalm 23,  teacher sprinkling cow urine on students to purify them, and  a couple naming their baby “Metallica” being opposed by the … Continue reading

A Night With Yuga And Nao

Yesterday night, I met 2 of the most prominent bloggers on the Philippine blogosphere today. The famous Yuga and my notorious insan Nao. Yeah, we had an EB last night somewhere at Glorietta.

Who Wants A Joost Invite?

First of all, what is Joost? This is what their website says… Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet. With Joost, you get all the things you love about TV, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping.

This Driver Is Not Digitally Signed

While installing a new modem, I found “This Driver Is Not Digitally Signed” warning when selecting the driver that goes with the modem. See screen shot here. What does it mean? Microsoft says…

TAPI Programming

TAPI – Telephony Application Programming Interface. I’m currently spending my time in understanding this. The MSDN help is useless, the examples are very hard to understand. All the sample applications I’ve downloaded on the internet doesn’t work on my machine. I hope I can sort this out before the week … Continue reading