From AuctionAds to AdAuction

It’s final, unlike TLA and Reviewme, Auction Ads pay via Paypal only, and they didn’t entertain my petition for payment via Xoom using Paypal.

I Hate Big Brother

Big Brother is inhumane with the latest decision he made in Australia. Imagine, Emma Cornell’s father died and he decided not to tell her because it was the wish of the family? O come on!

Buying A Jacket At Mong Kok

My officemate asked me to buy a winter jacket for his wife. He told me that his budget is only HK$50. So, last Saturday, we went to Mong Kok and I tried to look for a jacket that fits his budget. Here is what happened:

Peter Condemned To Google Hell

After enjoying a first page in Google in one day, my Peter Answers post is nowhere to be found now on the keywords peter answer and peter answers. What happened? Google just sent Peter to Google Hell. Hehehe.

Peter Answers Delivered The Visitors

With 22,000,000 sites competing for the keyword peter answers and 44,000,000 sites for peter answer, I felt so lucky hitting the first page of Google for those keywords after blogging about it here.

Google Bomb T-Shirt

As I walked around and window-shopped in Island Resort Mall in Hong Kong, I found this T-shirt and I can’t help myself not to buy it:

Philippines: Two Weeks After

Since I blogged about the differences I noticed on Hong Kong after one year, now, it’s time to write a post about Philippines, two weeks after I left it. Are there any differences? Here are some things that I noticed:

Google To Buy Feedburner?

Yuga reported on his blog that a rumor is spreading like wildfire that Google is in talks to buy Feedburner.

No Updates On Textmates

More than a week has passed and textmates has no update yet. My apologies to all the readers and subscribers, but I can’t find time to encode the text messages I am receiving on my cellphone. The work here in Hong Kong is quite tiring that I have no more … Continue reading

Monetizing the E-mail Subscribers

After doing some changes on my text messages blog last February, the feed subscriber of that blog increased from 30 feed readers to 203 feed readers today. That’s an additional of 170 feed readers in 3 months, or an average of 2 new subscribers per day.