This Blog Pwned My Web Host’s Server?

I’ve been using WordPress for almost 6 months now, installed it via Fantastico that goes with my web host. I’ve downloaded and installed several plugins that were recommended by some bloggers so as to put additional features on this blog easily. Everything works smoothly and flawless, until I got an … Continue reading

The Traffic That Gretchen Brought

Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada scandal is hot! Really hot that this blog is now on the first page of Pinoy Top Blogs because of the traffic that it brought and still bringing.

Notpron: Hardest Riddle Available On The Internet?

I saw this at Filipino Programmer’s blog. Notpron claims to be the hardest riddle available on the internet. Is it true? I don’t know. But the riddles there are indeed hard, I can’t even pass level 3. Hehehe.

Viral Tags Galore!

With an effort to increase the number of incoming links to this blog and further increase its Technorati Authority and hopefully its Pagerank, I now join the Viral Tags. I actually got this from Manila Mom.

Dura-Dura Gang Caught

Almost one year ago, I was robbed. Three guys took my cellphone while riding a jeepney. I called them Dura Boys because of their modus operandi. See details of this event here.

HSBC Cardholder Repayment Protector

An HSBC agent called me today and offered me the Cardholder Repayment Protector. I just asked the agent to explain it to me first before I avail of anything from them. And here is what I understand from the explanation.

Comparing PinoyTopBlogs And Ratified

After 4 days of installing the tracking script of PinoyTopBlogs and asking Yuga to activate it, this blog is now on top 91! It was on top 95 yesterday, and it is still slowly climbing up the top. Yey! I still prefer ranking high on PinoyTopBlogs than Ratified. Why?