Beating on

I was surprised today for a sudden increase in traffic on this blog. Actually, the number of visitors doubled. Checking my logs, I found out that the visitors are coming from Yahoo! from people searching for peter answers. I was surprised. Why? I can’t believe I beat of their … Continue reading

Ekclusive Nightclub?

Well, the title of this post is not misspelled for the girl in this video. Hehehe. Just watch it and you’ll know why.

Joining The Real Estate Bandwagon

I’ve heard many times already from friends and some people that if you really want to get rich, you should venture into real estate. Well, I don’t have any idea how to get into such market and I don’t even have that much money to start with.

Increase Your Feed Subscriptions By Feed Baiting

This post is somewhat related to my blogtimizer blog post here. Well, that post focuses only on your subscribe-to-feeds placement. But come to think of it, despite good placement, some blogs will still have less people subscribing on it simply because their feed is not worthy of subscription. Why would … Continue reading

15 Reasons Why I Subscribed To Your RSS Feeds

Here are the reasons why I subscribed to your RSS feeds. I come up with this list by looking at my Bloglines account and writing the reasons why I subscribed for each blog. This is written in no particular order. Each blog on my subscribed feeds list falls in any … Continue reading