Pacxon: A Different Pacman Game

Pacxon is a new version of a Pacman game where instead of collecting pills and running away from the enemies, the goal is to fill-up 80% of the blocks to move to a higher level.

Juno Quotes

Juno recently won an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay. I guess, they really deserved that award because what makes the movie fun is the conversations made by the characters.

Puzzle No. 067: GECY NW

While playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village, I was stucked on this puzzle for a long time because I can’t figure out what the answer is, obviously. Here is the question and the 3 hints, maybe, you can help me solve this one.


Inspired by Jehzlau’s post, I’m now optimizing this blog post for Xpango. So, what is Xpango?

Professor Layton And The Curious Village

If you are fond of solving mind-bending puzzles, then, the new Nintendo DS game entitled Professor Layton and The Curious Village is a game you shouldn’t miss.

Why I’m Still On Pay-Per-Play

Many popular blogs already said their piece on Pay-Per-Play. Majority of them says that it is a bad idea and it will not fly. But why am I still with them?