Getting One Way Links The Evil Way

Well, I don’t know if you can consider it as evil. But there’s some kind of a trick or deception involved. I actually did this on my old blog during the ituloy angsulong contest. One of the reasons we won.


Time for another Filipino word. And this time, I’ll talk about umaga.

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Housemates

The second Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition started yesterday. The housemates are already inside the Big Brother’s house. And here is the list of the housemates (taken from Wikipedia):

Game Melody Oratorio: Play The Piano On Nintendo DS Lite

I just found a new Nintendo DS homebrew where you can learn to play the piano. You’ll not find it anywhere on your favorite NDS Lite store yet because this is a homebrew application made by Multiple:Option as an official entry into the Neoflash Spring Coding Competition 2008.


This is the first Filipino word for the week in my Filipino words project: payo. So what is payo?

Dreamhost Promo Code For $50 Off

Are you thinking of getting a web host? This blog is hosted on Dreamhost and so far, I just had minimal downtimes that did not last for 24 hours in the last 5 months. So, do I recommend Dreamhost? Well, their 10 years of existence means something to me. A … Continue reading

Let’s Teach People Some Filipino Words

At least once a week, I’ll try to discuss one Filipino word on this blog so as to help our non-Filipino friends understand our language. I’m proud to be a Filipino and proud of its language. I’m only blogging in English because my target readers are not only Filipinos but … Continue reading