Big Show Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Wrestlemania 24

Update (03/31/2008): If you are looking for their fight video, you can find it here. Who would have thought? Floyd Mayweather will take on the Big Show on Wrestlemania 24, this coming March 30. The best pound for pound boxer versus the biggest wrestler in WWE? That will be a … Continue reading

Googel = Google = Googol

Eli found an interesting keyword today. Highly searched all year round, with less competition. And the magic keyword, Googel.

Blogbank: Earn More Money From Your Blog

A new Philippine-based ad network for blogs was recently launched. It’s called Blogbank. I just joined them a week ago, thanks to Jehzlau for the info. 😉

Banned From Adsense?

A fellow blogger, Caryl, was banned from Adsense a week ago. She was very disappointed with what happened. She swear she never clicked her own ads. I believe her because I had a chat with her before and I also told her not to ever click her own ads.

What’s Wrong With Metrobank?

My girlfriend who works in a call center in Ortigas called me this afternoon informing me that she’s running out of money. She still has money on her Metrobank ATM but all Metrobank ATMs are offline. She can’t withdraw to any ATMs around their office. She can’t even do a … Continue reading

Learn How To Play The Guitar On Guitartutee

Guitartutee is one of the rising vlogs on Philippine blogosphere. Well, his idea is unique. He’ll teach you how to play the guitar for your favorite song by simply watching a headless man (hehe!) playing it on Youtube.

Ken Lee

Someone is trying to piss off bloggers again. But I’m not blogging about her. This girl, which looks like her, is more bloggable than her ignorance on what a blogger is. Presenting, Ken Lee!

Batangas Beach Resorts

It’s summer time already. Everyone is planning to have a day-off or two just to enjoy the summer, go to the beach and have some fun.

The Useless Traffic

If you joined my pinay $candal SEO drive, I think, you already increased your traffic. However, Silkenhut pointed out that these traffic are useless because based from his experience, he gained nothing but increase in bandwidth consumption, higher bounce rate but nothing in return.

Splash Island Is Now Open

As I drove myself home last weekend from Manila to Batangas, I noticed that Splash Island is already open. I’ve been there for several times already and I won’t hesitate coming back. The place is full of slides and water rides for a whole day of fun. They’ve got artificial … Continue reading