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The Paypal Payments Arrived

This is just a coincidence. I don’t receive these payments every month because I don’t reach their minimum pay-out amount every month. It just happened that I reached their minimum pay-out amount all at the same month last month. See the screen shot after the jump. 😉

Busy In Hong Kong

I am in Hong Kong right now, sent by my company to do some technical support and user training on one of our application. I might not be able to update this blog as often as before. But I’ll try.

YouAsk&iAnswer: Link Building

If you have questions where you think my opinion matters, YouAsk&iAnswer. I’ll try to answer your question and share my opinion on the matter. To start with, let me answer one question posted by one of my readers. Ferdielicious commented on my previous post asking me several questions regarding SEO. …

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