Buhay Coke Bloggers Party Aftermath

Lots of Coke Zeros. Lots of foods. Lots of bloggers. Lots of magic. And after attending that Buhay Coke Bloggers Party, here’s what happened:

Christian The Lion

I just like to share this video I first saw on Digg. A true story. Watch as the lion attacked his masters. Joke! Just watch and see what happened.

Daniel Dingle’s Water-Powered Car

With the increasing prices of oil, search for a water-powered car increases. Look at the Google trends. People are really looking for an alternative energy sources. Of course, if a car can really be powered by water, then, our problem is solved, coz water is everywhere here in the Philippines. … Continue reading

Don’t Click My Calling Cards

I have been to numerous blog events already. But I’ve never brought a personal calling card during those events. So, when someone asked me for a calling card, all I say is just to visit my blog and contact me there.

No Classes Tomorrow Due To Typhoon Frank

This post is for those students who still don’t know whether they have classes tomorrow or not. If you live in Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Batangas, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Zambales, Bataan, La Union, Benguet and Ilocos Norte, then you have no classes tomorrow. Elementary, high school and colleges classes … Continue reading

Typhoon Frank Weather Forecast

I’m planning to go home to Batangas tonight, but I changed my mind after seeing this weather forecast from QTV’s Balitanghali. Typhoon Frank is currently busy on Southern Tagalog region. Busy pouring rains and blowing winds. Watch the video after the jump.

ZiPhone: Unlock Your iPhone

I haven’t used this application yet, because I don’t have an iPhone yet. But most people with iPhone used ZiPhone for unlocking their iPhones and according to them, it actually works.

Conjugal Property Talks

My girlfriend bought a Nokia N95 8GB last month. Since we are getting married in the near future, our conversation went something like this:

Buhay Coke Bloggers Party

Just spreading the news. There will be a party for bloggers next week! Thanks to my favorite softdrink, Coke! Coca-cola. Coke is it! I’m going there to get my share of Coke Zeroes! Here are some pertinent details:

After Saving Ces Drilon, Hunt Them Down!

Now that Ces Drilon et. al. are free, don’t let the abductors get away with it. Don’t give them the promised livelihood project. Instead, hunt them down and bring them to prisons!