Localized SEO

If you are only starting and you can’t compete with the big guys yet, try localized SEO. What is localized SEO? As the name implies, you optimize for a keyword locally. Locally, as in opposite of internationally. 😀

Ely Buendia Confirms The Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Watch Ely Buendia as he confirms the rumored Eraserheads Reunion Concert. It will be held on August 30, 2008, CCP Open Grounds. The tickets are free, strictly for 18 years old and above only. The tickets can be downloaded in the future, but still no official announcement on where we … Continue reading

WordCamp Philippines 2008

Wazzup Manila Philippines? Do you know that I am already registered on the Wordcamp Philippines 2008? Yes, I am registered already.

Architect Board Exam Results

The list of Architect board passers are already released. You can check the Inquirer website for a complete list of successful examinees. Click here to check if you or your friend or any architect examinees you know passed that exam.

My Google Adsense Story

In the beginning, I have a blog. But I didn’t have Adsense ad on it. And then I discovered Adsense last August 2005. I learned that I could earn some money on it. So, I put all their ad code on my blog and waited for the money to come. … Continue reading

The Puto King Trademark Conflict

This is just a hypothetical scenario and did not happen in the real world. Let us say that Puto King is a trademark of a certain restaurant here in the Philippines. They have the trademark for the word “Puto King”, and no company can create another restaurant with the name … Continue reading

Eraserheads Reunion Free Concert Tickets

I think, everybody online already knew that Eraserheads will indeed have a one-night-only reunion concert on August 30, 2008 at the CCP Open Grounds. However, up to now, nobody knows where to get the tickets yet.