Western Union Gold Card

I saw it first on Penoycentral. It’s some kind of a reward card like SM’s Advantage Card or Mercury Drug’s Suki Card. It’s also a discount card on some of their partner establishments like David’s Salon and Mr. Quickie.

The 30-minute Obama Ad

A week before the election, the Obama camp released a 30-minute advertisement, or infomercial as what others called it. Here’s the copy of the 30-minute Obama ad I found on Youtube via Digg:

Iisa Pa Lamang Quotable Quotes

Iisa Pa Lamang, the teleserye on ABS-CBN is nearing its end. It is already on its final 2 weeks of airing. Before it ends, let me enumerate some of Iisa Pa Lamang quotable quotes I transcribed from one Youtube video. Here they are:

LET Examination Results For September 2008

I am receiving a little bump in traffic now from people searching for the LET examination results. (LET = Licensure Examination for Teachers, in case you don’t know.) They are all landing on my generic PRC board exam result post. Some are posting comments, asking me when will the exam … Continue reading

Use allintitle: To Size-Up Your Competition

Ok. This post is an SEO topic. If you’re not interested and tired of hearing tips from me on optimizing keywords, go away! Just come back on other days, when I’m in the mood blogging about more interesting topics. You are not required to read this blog anyway. Now, let’s … Continue reading

How To Make A Baby

Now, that’s a nice post title to start my week. But did you know that you can make a baby easily now? In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to make an adorable and cute baby that looks like you.

Halloween Text Messages, Stories and Quotes

While others will have a significant drop in Adsense earnings on November 1 because less people will go online due to Halloween, I will not surrender without a fight. I will hijack halloween-related keywords! And this post is my guerilla’s technique to hijack them!

Google Adsense In Google Analytics Is Coming Very Soon!

The official Google Adsense blog recently announced that Google Adsense will be finally integrated to Google Analytics. They are gradually rolling it out to publishers. They say that we’ll see an invitation link on our Adsense accounts once this feature is already enabled for us. I checked my Google Adsense … Continue reading

Chitika | Premium Ads Review

I’ve been using Chitika eMiniMalls on this blog for quite some time already, and I’m not satisfied with the result. Having 2000+ unique visitors per day and can’t even earn a dollar a day from them is not good.