The Hummingbird Technique

Just hijacking this precious keyword. Hummingbird technique is actually something that has to do about s-ex.

Sore Eyes and Diabetes

I haven’t posted for a while here. The reason, sore eyes pwned me. Diabetes strikes too. Because of these, I was absent in the office for more than a week already. I wasn’t able to attend any of the blogger events that I suppose to attend.

Sungha Jung Rocks!

This kid in Youtube rocks! After seeing Sungha Jung‘s video as I browse that popular video site, I can’t stop watching his other videos. He doesn’t sing, he makes the guitar sing while he plays it. And the result is awesome! Watch some of his videos after the jump.

How To Make Money Online During These Desperate Days

The Master Listbuilder, Joel Christopher, is giving a free seminar this coming Saturday on “How To Make Money Online During These Desperate Days.” I’ve read that people are paying $1500 just to attend his seminars, so, this is an opportunity we should not miss.

BBC Insults Filipina Domestic Helpers Video

This was on the news today: Filipinos in London are set to launch “concerted efforts” against British government-owned British Broadcasting Corp (BBC) for its reportedly “racist and humiliating” portrayal of a Filipina domestic worker, a lawmaker said on Monday. Batangas Rep. Hermilando Mandanas, head of the subcommittee on the Department … Continue reading

List of Milk Products Safe From Melamine

The Department of Health already released the partial list of milk products that are safe from melamine. From the 30 milk products they tested, only two are positive: Greenfood Yili Fresh Milk and Mengiu Drink.