How Profitable Is Celebrity KText?

Filipino celebrities don’t twit or plurk because they have a better option, and that is the Celebrity KText. A fan subscribes to their favorite celebrity via their mobile phone. For each message a celebrity sends to a subscriber, the subscriber is billed Php2.50. Imagine how profitable this is to a … Continue reading

Nokia N78 Review

I’ve been playing with a Nokia N78 for the past 3 weeks already, thanks to the people at WOM World Nokia for sending me a test unit. Yeah, this is just a test unit and I will send it back to them after this review.

When Two Motorcyles Collide

What are the chances that two motorcycles will collide in a not-so-busy road in the middle of the night? Slim. Right? But when it happens, it’s a disaster!

The Pinoy Hangaroo Traffic

After releasing the Pinoy HangARoo in the wild, I spreaded the word via blog post, Twitter, Project Wonderful ads and Stumbleupon.

Let’s Play Pinoy Hangaroo!

Have you played the famous Hangaroo game? It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s a good way to spend some of your leisure time on the internet.

How To Disable Directory Browsing On Your WordPress Blog Easily

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, check the following links on your favorite browser: replacing with your own domain name. You could also check other folders that you know exist on your wp-content folder.

Can You Use The R4DS On Nintendo DSi?

I guess, that is what most of Nintendo DS Lite users with R4DS is asking. Of course, if they want to upgrade to Nintendo DSi, they wanted to know if their favorite homebrew games and applications can still be used there by using the R4.

Obama’s Victory Speech Video

Here is Obama’s victory speech courtesy of via Youtube. This is his speech where he said, “Change has come to America.”