How To Setup A New WordPress Blog

I’ve installed 2 WordPress blogs lately, my wife’s blog and the photo blog. I’ll just share some of the things I setup when I installed them. This will serve as my reference when I install another WordPress blog in the future.

Introducing Photos!

Me and my wife don’t have any high-tech cameras yet. We only have a Sony Cybershot camera which my wife bought on a second hand store. She also have an N95 cellphone and I have an N79 cellphone, both with cameras.

Unblock Facebook

So, Facebook is blocked in your office, school, or house. What do you do? Of course, you want to unblock Facebook so that you can access it, right? How do you unblock Facebook?

Terrafugia Flying Car

Time will come that you will see cars flying around. The technology is here. They just need to perfect it.

Yes Magazine’s Top 50 Most Powerful In Showbiz

This was shown on TV Patrol today. Yes Magazine will release the top 50 most powerful in showbiz on their April issue. Mario Dumaual reported some notable information regarding the income of some of the Philippine celebrities from that issue.

Infolinks Is Better Than Kontera

If you are a keen observer, you probably noticed that I don’t use Kontera links on this blog anymore. Now, I used the service of Infolinks. Wonder why?

The Batangas Gas Prices

It happened two weeks ago. While in Batangas, I noticed that the Super Unleaded gasoline of Shell increased from Php 31.xx to Php 35.xx.

Western Union Privacy Policy Is Simply BS

Did you receive your Google Adsense thru Western Union lately? By signing on the Receive Form, you are agreeing with their terms and conditions, including their privacy policy that says and I quote:

BPI Direct Save Up

Our company switched from BDO to BPI for our payroll account. I don’t know the reason. After BPI gave us the ATM card, they introduced us to BPI Direct Save Up.