Hair Loss Treatment

Are you getting bald? Is your hair not as thick as before? Do you have a problem with your hair? Me too!

David Cook On Eat Bulaga

Yesterday, it was David Archuleta. Now, it’s David Cook day on Eat Bulaga! I’m in the office, so I was not able to watch him live. But thanks to Youtube, I was able to watch it here!

Google Failed! The Day The Internet Stood Still

I was optimizing my PC when it happened at around 11:30PM here in the Philippines. My Firefox browser was extra slow so I decided to reinstall it. However, after reinstalling, its home page which defaults to Google showed an error. Google cannot be loaded. I thought that it might be … Continue reading

David Archuleta on Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga is one of the trending topics on Twitter simply because David Archuleta guested there. I did not see his performance live, but thanks to Youtube, someone already uploaded it. Here it is. Enjoy!

Don’t Block The Driveway

Warning: Rant alert. I’ve ranted about this on Plurk, but I think it’s better to rant about it here. At least, I make money while ranting. 😀

The iBlog5 Experience

Yeah, we attended the iBlog5. And we were late (as usual) LOL! I thought we’ll reach the place at exactly 9:00AM, but due to the heavy traffic at EDSA near Santolan, we arrived at around 9:30 AM. And since they started on time, we missed the first topic, Blogging 101.

Kidzui: The Browser for Kids

If you have kids in the house 3-12 years of age, have internet connection, you can now let them surf without worries by using the Kidzui browser.

Plurk Themes, Skins, Backgrounds or Templates

I’m on Plurk for quite some time now, although my Karma points is only above 50. Now, do you know that you can change you Plurk themes or Plurk backgrounds using different Plurk skins you can find online?