Guerilla Bloggers, Please Stand Up and Testify!

Are you a guerilla blogger? Are you one of those people who started a blog after reading our guerilla blogging e-book? Are you one of those bloggers who changed their way of blogging and started guerilla blogging after reading the e-book? So, how was the experience? Did you make money … Continue reading

Mercury Drug’s Suki Card

This happened last year at a Mercury Drug store near Makati Medical Center. The doctor prescribed me lots of medicines for the hypertension I was having that time. I was not feeling well and even worried about how much I needed to pay for the medicine. Then, this happened:

WordPress Mobile Edition And Super Cache Plugin

Last November 2007, I installed the WordPress Mobile Plugin on this blog to make this blog mobile-ready. However, I decided to disable that plugin when I installed the Super Cache plugin on this blog. Why? Because they were not compatible.


This was supposed to be posted this morning. But anyway, it is still August 11. And today, I turned XXX years old. Thanks to all who texted, e-mailed and called to greet me.

Bayan Wireless Landline Review

For the past few months, me and my wife are thinking of getting a landline eventhough we both have our own cellphone. Well, calling the office, calling Pizzahut or 8-MCDO is cheaper if we have a landline. Calling government offices such as NSO and DFA is cheaper on the landline. … Continue reading