Nokia PC Suite Free Download

Nokia PC Suite usually comes with your new Nokia phone package on the included CD. However, for some unknown reasons, you either lost the CD because you didn’t know it’s important, or you just really don’t care. You just want your Nokia phone, and nothing more.

How To Use Smart Buddy Unli Surf On Your PC or Laptop

Update: I highly recommend NOT to use Smart Unlisurf. Here’s why. I don’t have a USB dongle from any of the big 3 telcos. I only have my N79 cellphone and since I can’t bring my Sky Broadband internet here in Davao, I am now using Smart Buddy Unli Surf.

Happy Holidays!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. As you know, December is one of the busiest month on the corporate world, with all the deadlines to beat and parties to attend.

Nintendo Wii Manual English Version

Everytime I buy a new gadget, I always read the manual first before setting it up and using it. I just want to learn all the features and use the gadget to its full functionality.

Nintendo Wii In The House!

Yesterday, we bought a new Nintendo Wii at Greenhills Shopping Center. We initially thought of buying just the basic package worth Php 11,500, but we ended up buying a Php 15,000 package that contains additional Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller, 58 in 1 Wii accessories, 10 games and the Blue … Continue reading