Apple iPad Features and Overview

Have you seen the latest product from Apple? It’s the Apple iPad! Here’s a video presentation of its features I found in Youtube.

Chooks To Go: Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce!

They boast of being tasty even without the sauce. They have a branch in Citimart, Bauan, Batangas. Out of curiosity, we tried it last Sunday. Indeed, Chooks To Go is delicious without the sauce! They don’t even have a sauce to go with the chicken when you buy.

CPAlead Review

I first heard about CPAlead when Jehzlau mentioned it to me last year. He was so excited about his earnings and he convinced me to try it. So, I applied for an account immediately.

17 Year-Old Windows Hole Security Fix

A new Windows hole was recently discovered that allows users with restricted access to escalate their privileges to system level. That means that an ordinary user exploiting this hole can gain admin access to your system.

New Google Logo And New Google SERP

Have you seen the new Google logo? I was surprised today after visiting and greeted by their new logo. It looks smoother now. Shadows are gone.

Toyota Prius Prices and Specifications

It’s 2010. It’s time to blog some more. And for a change, I’ll be blogging about cars now. Cars that I want to buy someday. Cars that many people are ogling and googling.