Pacquiao Mayweather Fight Is Off

Seems like I was wrong. After 9 hours of talking, they still can’t agree on terms. According to some reports, Pacquiao agreed to a 24-day cut off on blood testing, but Mayweather did not accept.

Bilog Na Hugis Itlog Music Video By Sexbomb Girls

What a creative way to educate voters on how to vote this coming May 2010 elections! A lively music video from the Sexbomb Girls telling us to shade the bilog na hugis itlog when voting on May 2010. Watch the music video below:

How To Avail Of Smart’s Per-Pulse Billing System

If you are on Smart and still use the default dialling rules (i.e. 09XXXXXXXX) when calling someone, you are losing money. That is because Smart already implemented a per-pulse billing system since December 6, 2009, which is activated by a prefix.

How To Make Money Online In The Philippines

This will be a sticky post since I usually receive complaints from new visitors googling “make money online philippines” and landing on this blog. Most of the time, they can’t find the resources they are looking for because all they could read here are articles on my hijacked keywords not … Continue reading

These Keywords Gave Me Money Last Year!

As most of you know, keywords are my source of traffic. Keywords that bring visitors from search engines. And as part of my yearly tradition, I am now releasing the top 100 keywords that brought traffic to this blog last year. Here they are in alphabetical order: