How To Add CPAlead Code On A Flash Game Site

One of the problems I encountered on CPAlead is on adding its code on Macuha Games, a flash game site. The embedded flash game is always on top, so, even if the CPAlead widget pops up, the game will still be playable since it is on top of the widget. … Continue reading

How To Block The Cuil Bot

First, why would I like to block the Cuil bot? Based on my experience, Cuil bot is one of the aggressive search engine bots alive, visiting sites from time to time exhausting bandwidth resources and increasing memory usage. It’s not a problem if you have unlimited bandwidth and huge memory … Continue reading

Firefox Personas On Firefox 3.6

I recently upgraded my Firefox to version 3.6 and the most glaring and awesome feature that they now have is the Firefox Personas.

Moving To Batangas

My goal for the first 3 months of my full-time blogging career is to earn additional income equal to or greater than the salary I left behind. We’ve also decided to leave Manila and settle in Batangas to lessen our expenses. Less expenses means more savings for us.

Batangas Balisong Keychains

If you are going to visit Batangas, don’t forget to drop by Brgy. Balisong in Lemery, Batangas. There, you’ll find different kinds of balisong (butterfly knife) in varying shapes and sizes.