AIM Global Nigeria

AIM Global is conquering the global arena, and this year, we are conquering the African continent by opening a branch in Lagos, Nigeria.

Smart Freedom Plan Is The Perfect Plan For Me

I’ve been a Smart Buddy user eversince I learned to use a cellphone. Really. I preferred the prepaid SIM instead of the postpaid plan because I can easily control my expenses. I’m not a fan of postpaid because of the attached monthly fee and lock-in period.

Jeremiah McDonald Talks To His 12-Year-Old Self

Someone, by the name of Jeremiah McDonald, had a brilliant idea 20 years ago. He recorded himself so that he can talk to himself in the future. Fast forward today, watch him talk to his 12-year-old self. This was so good and funny, this guy is a genius! Watch the … Continue reading

Papago! Philippines Review

Papago! Philippines app costs $34.99 on Apple App Store, approximately P1,500 on the current exchange rate. But is it worth the cost? I purchased and installed it on my iPhone about 6 months ago. So far, it works as intended.

Social Monkee: A Free Social Bookmarking Tool

I just tested this new free social bookmarking tool called Social Monkee. It’s a free tool where you can submit your blog post easily to 25 social bookmarking sites with a click of a button.