Hello World, I’m Back!

I’m back. The past few days had been one of my busiest days ever. Here are some of the things that happened:

My Google Adsense Story

In the beginning, I have a blog. But I didn’t have Adsense ad on it. And then I discovered Adsense last August 2005. I learned that I could earn some money on it. So, I put all their ad code on my blog and waited for the money to come. … Continue reading

Don’t Click My Calling Cards

I have been to numerous blog events already. But I’ve never brought a personal calling card during those events. So, when someone asked me for a calling card, all I say is just to visit my blog and contact me there.

Banned From Adsense?

A fellow blogger, Caryl, was banned from Adsense a week ago. She was very disappointed with what happened. She swear she never clicked her own ads. I believe her because I had a chat with her before and I also told her not to ever click her own ads.

The Useless Traffic

If you joined my pinay $candal SEO drive, I think, you already increased your traffic. However, Silkenhut pointed out that these traffic are useless because based from his experience, he gained nothing but increase in bandwidth consumption, higher bounce rate but nothing in return.

Additional Lines On My Privacy Policy

If you copied my Privacy Policy, I just like to inform you that I added some lines on the Cookies section so as to completely comply with the Google Adsense TOS.

Project Wonderful’s Effect On My Google Adsense Earnings

On the first week of testing Project Wonderful on this blog, I found out that putting them here did not affect my Google Adsense performance. There’s no change in my Google Adsense CTR and earnings, hence, Project Wonderful is a good source of additional income. Even up to now, Project … Continue reading