Humor Me Makoy Contest

Who wants to win $200? A total of $300 worth of Paypal dollar prizes will be given away by Makoy on his new online contest: “Humor Me Makoy Contest”.

CPAlead Review

I first heard about CPAlead when Jehzlau mentioned it to me last year. He was so excited about his earnings and he convinced me to try it. So, I applied for an account immediately.

Guerilla Bloggers, Please Stand Up and Testify!

Are you a guerilla blogger? Are you one of those people who started a blog after reading our guerilla blogging e-book? Are you one of those bloggers who changed their way of blogging and started guerilla blogging after reading the e-book? So, how was the experience? Did you make money … Continue reading

Infolinks Is Better Than Kontera

If you are a keen observer, you probably noticed that I don’t use Kontera links on this blog anymore. Now, I used the service of Infolinks. Wonder why?

Chitika | Premium Ads Review

I’ve been using Chitika eMiniMalls on this blog for quite some time already, and I’m not satisfied with the result. Having 2000+ unique visitors per day and can’t even earn a dollar a day from them is not good.

There’s A Gold Hidden In A Blog

After spending 2 weeks of my life in Hong Kong, now I’m back in the Philippines. I don’t have much to blog today, I’m still overwhelmed with all the unread blog feeds in my RSS reader coz I was not able to go online for the past 3 days. Now, … Continue reading

The Paypal Payment Details

Like what I’ve said on my previous post, I don’t regularly receive those Paypal payments. To the people asking how I achieved those amounts, here are the details.

The Paypal Payments Arrived

This is just a coincidence. I don’t receive these payments every month because I don’t reach their minimum pay-out amount every month. It just happened that I reached their minimum pay-out amount all at the same month last month. See the screen shot after the jump. 😉