Full Time Problogging

Thoughts on going into full time problogging always come to me, especially now that what I’m earning on blogging is more than my current job salary. But right now, I still don’t see myself resigning on my current job. Why? Here are my reasons:

Blogbank: Earn More Money From Your Blog

A new Philippine-based ad network for blogs was recently launched. It’s called Blogbank. I just joined them a week ago, thanks to Jehzlau for the info. 😉

Why I’m Still On Pay-Per-Play

Many popular blogs already said their piece on Pay-Per-Play. Majority of them says that it is a bad idea and it will not fly. But why am I still with them?

Project Wonderful’s Effect On My Google Adsense Earnings

On the first week of testing Project Wonderful on this blog, I found out that putting them here did not affect my Google Adsense performance. There’s no change in my Google Adsense CTR and earnings, hence, Project Wonderful is a good source of additional income. Even up to now, Project … Continue reading

Project Wonderful

I moved the Chitika ad from the header and put it on the sidebar to give way to the Project Wonderful ad. As you can see now, there are 5 vacant slot on my header where you can advertise a 125×125 ad for a minimum bid of $0.20 per day … Continue reading

NetAudioAds Will Start Playing Ads Tomorrow

Today is January 31, and if NetAudioAds stick to their plan, you’ll hear a 5-second audio ad on this blog starting tomorrow. The ad will be played on your first visit, and will be played further after every 3 minutes if you’re going to refresh the page.