Redirect All Your Feeds To Feedburner

If you are using WordPress, do you know that other people can subscribe to your blog without using the Feedburner feed that you set up? They can use the default feed link on your blog which also delivers the same content to their RSS feed client.

Speed Up Indexing Using The Feed Widget

Although I’m using WordPress on this blog, I never and will never forget the first blogging platform that I fell in love with, Blogger. I’m still maintaining some blogs there. My textmates is still hosted there.

Optimizing Blogs On The New Blogger

Blogger started forcing everyone to upgrade eversince they removed the New Blogger out of Beta. However, after upgrading, almost everyone I know remained on the Classic Template, or reverted back to Classic Template after seeing that the New Blogger is not that easy as what it seems to be. For … Continue reading

Text Link Ads On Blogger

A couple of months ago, Text Link Ads enabled its support on Blogger blogs. But Blogger blogs should be using its new version. However, after upgrading my Blogger blogs 2 days ago, I still can’t sell links on them. Why?

Blogger Forced Me To Upgrade

My plan is to upgrade all my Blogger blogs by the end of the ituloy angsulong contest. I got thousands of posts on my contest entry and medyo natatakot ako na if something drastic happened during the upgrade, baka katayin ako ng dalawa kong kasama. Hehehe. Pero kahapon, no choice … Continue reading