Jeremiah McDonald Talks To His 12-Year-Old Self

Someone, by the name of Jeremiah McDonald, had a brilliant idea 20 years ago. He recorded himself so that he can talk to himself in the future. Fast forward today, watch him talk to his 12-year-old self. This was so good and funny, this guy is a genius! Watch the … Continue reading

Cleverbot Speaks Tagalog

I discovered Cleverbot when browsing I tried talking to it using jejespeak and I was surprised when it replied in Tagalog!

Moymoy Palaboy Dick Gordon Video

Here is a video of Moymoy Palaboy with Dick Gordon singing In The Jungle. Presidentiables are getting creative nowadays as election day approaches quickly.

Bilog Na Hugis Itlog Music Video By Sexbomb Girls

What a creative way to educate voters on how to vote this coming May 2010 elections! A lively music video from the Sexbomb Girls telling us to shade the bilog na hugis itlog when voting on May 2010. Watch the music video below:

Mercury Drug’s Suki Card

This happened last year at a Mercury Drug store near Makati Medical Center. The doctor prescribed me lots of medicines for the hypertension I was having that time. I was not feeling well and even worried about how much I needed to pay for the medicine. Then, this happened:

The Funny Bayan DSL Lola Techie Commercial

I just saw it on television. It’s funny. Lola is using Facebook and talks to her grandson. Since the commercial shows a URL,, I checked it out and I was redirected to a Bayantel page giving online application to their Bayan DSL. Now, that’s marketing – funny commercial + … Continue reading