Become Shoemoney’s Affiliate and Promote His Products

If you know Shoemoney, you probably heard of his Shoemoney System, which he sells like hotcakes online. He has that trusted brand and reputation online that if you recommend his products to people you know who wanted to make money online, they will probably think twice not buying it, specially … Continue reading

Shoemoney’s Cheat Sheet on Making Money Online

I’ve recently watched a 31-minute video from Shoemoney. It’s about his strategy on how he makes tons of money by selling stuff online. He explained clearly his so called “Weapons of Marketing.” He even shared some real-life examples from which he showed how those “weapons” were utilized.

The Giant Goldfish – Genuine or Hoax?

Have you seen the “giant goldfish” that was circulating the internet these past few days? Some are saying it is genuine while others say that it is a hoax, fake, photoshopped.

101.1 Yes! FM Manila Live Streaming

Are you a fan of 101.1 Yes! FM in Manila? Is it your favorite radio station? Now, you can listen to them wherever you are in the world, as long as you have internet connection. 101.1 Yes! FM Manila is live streaming online 24 hours a day, 7 days a … Continue reading

How To Rotate Photos In Facebook

I’ve seen a lot of pictures in Facebook that needs rotating. I think, those people who uploaded those pictures learned to use Facebook first when they became computer literate and did not bother learning the art of rotating pictures.

Cleverbot Speaks Tagalog

I discovered Cleverbot when browsing I tried talking to it using jejespeak and I was surprised when it replied in Tagalog!

Yahoo Mail Error Code 5 Fix

When I tried logging in to my Yahoo Mail today, I got the Yahoo Mail Error Code 5. Googling for it says that it is caused by multiple tabs opened in my browser. So, I closed all the browser tabs, cleared the cache and opened Yahoo Mail again. Still, Yahoo … Continue reading

Shoemoney As Model

Yeah, you read it right! After watching his video introduction about Shoemoney’s new venture: Shoemoney Modeling, I did not have a bit of hesitation and contacted him immediately on the comment box. I know, $2,500 is a bit pricey, but he agreed to a 50% discount as his first customer!

Social City Tips, Tricks And Cheats

I’ve recently played Social City on Facebook. It’s a new game on Facebook made by Playdom. It is still in beta, so there are still some glitch on the game.

Dreamhost PS Memory 50% Price Drop

Before, if you want a 300MB guaranteed memory on your Dreamhost PS, you need to pay them $30/month. Now, you only need to pay $15/month for 300MB. That’s quite a big savings.