Super Mario Bros. Crossover Download

Have you seen this new flash game by Exploding Rabbit? Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a flash game where you can play the classic Super Mario Brothers game using a different character. You can play as Mario, Link, Bill R, Megaman, Simon or Samus.

Nintendo Wii In The House!

Yesterday, we bought a new Nintendo Wii at Greenhills Shopping Center. We initially thought of buying just the basic package worth Php 11,500, but we ended up buying a Php 15,000 package that contains additional Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller, 58 in 1 Wii accessories, 10 games and the Blue … Continue reading

R4i for Nintendo DSi

We know that R4DS doesn’t run on the new Nintendo DSi. However, a new flash cart for Nintendo DSi was born.

Can You Use The R4DS On Nintendo DSi?

I guess, that is what most of Nintendo DS Lite users with R4DS is asking. Of course, if they want to upgrade to Nintendo DSi, they wanted to know if their favorite homebrew games and applications can still be used there by using the R4.

Nintendo DSi Price and Features

Nintendo just announced the next Nintendo DS, and it’s called Nintendo DSi! According to reports, it will be sold on November 1 at roughly $178.

What’s Your Highest Whack-A-Monty Score?

When I’m bored, I usually get my Nintendo DS Lite and play a Super Mario Bros Mini Game called Whack-A-Monty. That game is so simple that even a 2 year old can play it. You’ll just whack a monty, basically tapping a bird that shows up from the holes and … Continue reading

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword DS

Finally, a ninja game on DS which fully took advantage of the touch screen feature of Nintendo DS. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword is played vertically on the DS like Brain Training, where you play on the touch screen area and you see the map on the left screen. You fight … Continue reading

Game Melody Oratorio: Play The Piano On Nintendo DS Lite

I just found a new Nintendo DS homebrew where you can learn to play the piano. You’ll not find it anywhere on your favorite NDS Lite store yet because this is a homebrew application made by Multiple:Option as an official entry into the Neoflash Spring Coding Competition 2008.