Alpha Attraction Marketing Review

I recently enrolled in an online training course exclusively designed for online Filipino network marketers, known as Alpha Attraction Marketing. Ano ba itong Alpha Attraction Marketing course? Kagaya ng nasabi ko, ito ay online training. Si Eduard Reformina ang instructor at ang lahat ng training ay video recorded na.

Zipline Ride at La Virginia Resort

It was my first time to ride a zipline last April 7. It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It only took about 10 seconds, moving from one point to another, at a speed of I don’t know. All I know is that I felt like flying. So … Continue reading

Moving Batangas Today To A New Dreamhost VPS

Before, I never bothered optimizing my VPS on Dreamhost. As long as I can post on this blog and I can pay the money corresponding to the memory usage every month, I didn’t really focus on it. If traffic increased, all I have to do is adjust my memory resources … Continue reading

Smart Unlisurf: Why You Should Avoid It Like The Plague

Why? Because Smart Unlisurf is NOT unlimited as advertised. Any time, any where, any site. That’s what they are shouting on their advertisement! But is it true? My experience with Smart Unlisurf says it’s a big fat lie!

Oopps, Smart Did It Again!

Guess what? I was deducted 10 pesos today! Not that big, but if a million subscribers get deducted 10 pesos for no apparent reason, that’s 10 million pesos already. Right?

PNOY, Batangas Real Estate and Davao

Sorry for the long hiatus! The last time I updated this blog, the president was still PGMA. Now, we have PNOY. Hello new Philippines! Good luck for the next 6 years!

SM Lipa Foodcourt Bloggers’ Event

It was my first time to attend two blogging events back to back. First was the iBlog6, and the SM Lipa Foodcourt Bloggers’ Event on the next day.

My iBlog6 Talk

This is my third time attending the iBlog summit and my first time as an iBlog speaker. I’ve had 2 previous talks before about SEO and blogging here in Batangas, but this one is really a new experience to me.