Moving To Batangas

My goal for the first 3 months of my full-time blogging career is to earn additional income equal to or greater than the salary I left behind. We’ve also decided to leave Manila and settle in Batangas to lessen our expenses. Less expenses means more savings for us.

Mercury Drug’s Suki Card

This happened last year at a Mercury Drug store near Makati Medical Center. The doctor prescribed me lots of medicines for the hypertension I was having that time. I was not feeling well and even worried about how much I needed to pay for the medicine. Then, this happened:


This was supposed to be posted this morning. But anyway, it is still August 11. And today, I turned XXX years old. Thanks to all who texted, e-mailed and called to greet me.

Featured On Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama

About four years ago, my Blogspot blog was featured on’s You Blog Addict. I blogged about it here. The link there is unreachable now but thanks to, they were able to archive a copy of that feature here. Yes, I was the blogger behind Marhgil’s Kukote which I … Continue reading

Hair Loss Treatment

Are you getting bald? Is your hair not as thick as before? Do you have a problem with your hair? Me too!

The iBlog5 Experience

Yeah, we attended the iBlog5. And we were late (as usual) LOL! I thought we’ll reach the place at exactly 9:00AM, but due to the heavy traffic at EDSA near Santolan, we arrived at around 9:30 AM. And since they started on time, we missed the first topic, Blogging 101.

The Car That Google Adsense Saved

Four years ago, I took a car loan at Equitable PCI Bank, now BDO, to buy a brand new Toyota Altis. Down payment came from the money I saved while I was in Kuwait. My father agreed to help me on my monthly payment, he sent me Php 5000 every … Continue reading

Active Directory Project And A Useful Toolbar

Around 5 months ago, I attended a formal training about Windows Active Directory, setting up, managing, etc. Finally, after 5 months, I was able to apply what I’ve learned. We moved to a new office 2 weeks ago. And I am the one who set-up our Active Directory from scratch, … Continue reading

Featured On John Chow dot Com

I was so excited yesterday. Imagine my excitement after my wife told me that John Chow featured my post on his blog. Yeah, the Dot Com Mogul himself dedicated a post for the Twit This code that I made.