Fishville Tips, Tricks and Cheats

I’ve been playing Fishville on Facebook for quite a while now. Here are some of my tips, tricks and cheats for playing Fishville which I learned thru experience in a Q and A format. You can also get more tips at Fishville Secrets.

Cafe World Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Since I’m currently hooked on this new Facebook game, I decided to blog about more of it so as not to have my playtime go to waste. At least, I don’t feel guilty playing it since I’m doing some research on what to blog about. Hehe. Ok let’s go and … Continue reading

Cafe World vs Restaurant City

Cafe World is a new restaurant game on Facebook. My first impression when I first saw my wife playing it? It looks exactly like Restaurant City. Why bother playing another restaurant game?

Unblock Facebook

So, Facebook is blocked in your office, school, or house. What do you do? Of course, you want to unblock Facebook so that you can access it, right? How do you unblock Facebook?

Free Valentine’s Day WordPress Themes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In less than 2 weeks, the prices of flowers, chocolates and valentine cards will rise. Valentine text messages will bombard the telecom industries. And most bloggers will change their themes to suit the occasion.