Social Monkee: A Free Social Bookmarking Tool

I just tested this new free social bookmarking tool called Social Monkee. It’s a free tool where you can submit your blog post easily to 25 social bookmarking sites with a click of a button.

Misspelled Keywords vs Mistyped Keywords

Although Google Trends show lots of people searching for facebooj, I found out that you’ll get less traffic from it. Currently, my post ranks #1 on facebooj but the added traffic is very minimal. I was expecting huge traffic but I did not get it. What went wrong?

Faceboo, Facebooj and Facebool

One of the things I taught during the iBlog6 is to optimize for misspelled words. And now, I’m practicing what I preach. Actually, I’ve done this with free six videos already, I’m just adding more misspelled words in my arsenal of misspelled keywords.

5 Tips To Speed-up Your Blog

Your site speed can affect your Google rankings. That is what Google announced recently. Site speed is now one of the factors Google considers when ranking sites. The faster your site loads, the better.

SEO Made Easy Free Download

To those who are asking me where the promised SEO e-book is when you subscribed by e-mail, I’m sorry but I did not notice that my Fileden account expired and they deleted all my files!

These Keywords Gave Me Money Last Year!

As most of you know, keywords are my source of traffic. Keywords that bring visitors from search engines. And as part of my yearly tradition, I am now releasing the top 100 keywords that brought traffic to this blog last year. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Local SEO: My Side Of The Story

Someone’s link baiting. I’ve read his blog post yesterday. I should have let it go. But it kept me sleepless last night. Nice link bait man! He is telling people I’m fooling newbies on my post: Localized SEO. Ok, I’ll bite the bait. Now, let me defend myself. (Update: 11/15/09. … Continue reading

Twiter Me This

Starting today, I promise myself to post at least once a day, to hijack a keyword once a day, no matter how tired I am from work, no matter how distracted I am from Facebook games, as long as I have internet connection. I guess, blogging about this will force … Continue reading

Pagerank Update, You Know?

Yeah, I agree with others, Pagerank is so overrated. Haha! I guess, that is every person’s pampalubag-loob after getting a Pagerank drop. 😀