WordPress Mobile Edition And Super Cache Plugin

Last November 2007, I installed the WordPress Mobile Plugin on this blog to make this blog mobile-ready. However, I decided to disable that plugin when I installed the Super Cache plugin on this blog. Why? Because they were not compatible.

Plurk This Post WordPress Code

I just joined Plurk last week after a couple of months holding back because honestly, I was turned off by the interface that looks like a spaghetti code if it was a programming code. Why did I join suddenly? Well, because almost every Filipino blogger I know was there, and … Continue reading

How To Setup A New WordPress Blog

I’ve installed 2 WordPress blogs lately, my wife’s blog and the photo blog. I’ll just share some of the things I setup when I installed them. This will serve as my reference when I install another WordPress blog in the future.

Introducing Macuha.com Photos!

Me and my wife don’t have any high-tech cameras yet. We only have a Sony Cybershot camera which my wife bought on a second hand store. She also have an N95 cellphone and I have an N79 cellphone, both with cameras.

Add Twit This On Your RSS Feeds

If you added the Twit This code on your blog, I think it’s also a good idea to put that same link on your RSS feed. Your RSS feed readers might not bother visiting your site, but if they are Twitterers, the Twit This link might entice them clicking on … Continue reading

Twit This WordPress Code

I call this a Twit This WordPress Code since it’s not actually a plugin. Hehe. I got this idea after reading John Chow’s post about the Twit This Post WordPress plugin.

Global Translator Plugin And Google Adsense

I actually thought that all of those languages on Global Translator Plugin are supported by Google Adsense since it uses the Google Translate engine. Unfortunately, my thought was wrong. Maling akala. Thanks to Silkenhut, he noticed that not all languages there are supported by Google Adsense, so I have to … Continue reading