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The Value Of Links

Some people don’t know about this, but do you know that the number of outgoing links in a page affects the value of the Pagerank vote or Google juice you are giving to them? Like if I have a web page with a Pagerank of 5 and 10 outgoing links, and another web page with the same Pagerank but only 5 outgoing links, the link given by the page with 5 outgoing links has a higher Pagerank vote value than that of 10 outgoing links. You can see a more complicated and detailed explanation of Pagerank on Wikipedia.

Having this in mind, try to minimize your outgoing links to conserve some Google juice. Link only to pages that need some Google juice. Like me, when I talk about popular sites like Yahoo, Google and MSN, I don’t link to their website anymore. They already have enough Google juice and people already know about them. Unless I’m referring to a specific page on their website, I will not link to them.

Links are so valuable today that some people are willing to pay some money just to have a link from your site. Of course, I’m giving some free links to friends, but to the people unknown to me, you can still have a link from my site by purchasing one on Text Link Ads. Finally, Text-Link-Ads accepted this blog on their program.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Waaaaa! di ko alam kung ano ang google juice na yan ah! wahehehehe

    by the way.. pinili ko na yung DHL.. natakot ako sa nabasa ko sa blog ni kuya Marc.. hehehe 20K nawala! waaaaaa!

    thanks for sharing marhgil..

    P.S. sorry if may duplicate post man. nag hahang kasi me.. 😉

  2. These really are some great points to consider. As I spend more and more time online picking up a trick like this day in and day out adds up. Thanks for sharing. It was nice for you to pop over for a visit also.

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  3. I don’t really pay that much attention on pagerank and ILB. But my website holds lots important keywords which is 1st to 9th places in Google SERPS.

    Link is what made the web.

  4. Hello po… Wala akong alam sa Google Juice… New pa lang ako sa blogging!

    Well, exlinks tayo ate? Okey lang ba?
    Richard the Adventurer ang name

  5. Those are good points actually. But now I am more concentrating on my keywords and trying to lessen my bounce rate.

    and oh, speaking of links. Can we ex links? thanks alot! email me if you want to or just notify me through my blog. 🙂

  6. yay d ko gets. shadong complicated for my tech challenged brain.

  7. I have been paid by more than 6 websites to have their link on my blog…isn’t that a bummer? I was so dumb about SEO and now my PR is nothing but a Grey bar…Can i delete the links (which are disguised as reviews) even if they have paid me for it?

    referring to some review articles in http://sexyonboard.blogspot.com (some CASH thingy…kinda can’t disclose further due to confidentiality agreement chuva eklat)

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