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Staying At Shenzhen

I’m in Shenzhen right now, currently staying at Nan Guo Hotel, a negative one star hotel. Hehehe. Well, I was surprised, really surprised when the accomodation they gave us is a cheap hotel, where in fact the last time I went here, we checked-in on Vienna International Hotel.

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Chocolate For Men

Last year, I’ve stayed to every apartment assigned to our company here in Hong Kong. It’s just that every time I come, I was being assigned to a different apartment. And now that there’s a new apartment assigned to our company, I am one of the first inhabitants of it, …

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Dancing Inmates

I checked Technorati and found that this video is the most popular video today. And to my surprise, the label says that these are actual inmates from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center. So, is this the way to rehabilitate them? Make them dancers. Hahaha! Ok, see the video after …

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