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Funny Quotes From Inday

For the past several weeks, I’ve received several text messages about Inday. I’ve posted some of it on my textmates blog already, and some are still in my inbox. Well, who is Inday by the way? Well, it seems that she’s your all around maid that will surprise you with …

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Nokia iPhone?

So, Apple has an iPhone. And Nokia wanted to join the bandwagon of the buttonless device era. So, they created this iPhone-like Nokia which they say will be released next year! Check out the video preview after the jump:

Gmail: Behind The Scenes

So what happened behind the scenes when you send an e-mail via Gmail? Gmail got this little project that answers that question. Well, that is not what really happened, but these people are really creative enough to come up with this idea. A video collaboration project, video clips were selected …

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What To Blog?

Since I blog about anything here, what are my criteria for a topic to make it worth blogging? Simple. The topic must be hot that people are actually searching or will be searching for it on the search engines.