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Increase Your Feed Subscriptions By Feed Baiting

This post is somewhat related to my blogtimizer blog post here. Well, that post focuses only on your subscribe-to-feeds placement. But come to think of it, despite good placement, some blogs will still have less people subscribing on it simply because their feed is not worthy of subscription. Why would I subscribe to a boring blog? Why would I subscribe to your feed if I don’t know you?

Now, as a corollary to my previous post, here are some of the things you must do to gain feed subscribers based on the reasons why I subscribed to your feeds. I’ll call this feed baiting!

1. Provide up-to-date information about your niche.
2. Put your prettiest picture online. This is a sure feed-bait for men.
3. Be friendly online. If you have many online friends, encouraging them to subscribe to your feeds is easy.
4. Read other’s blog posts and link to them several times. They will eventually notice you and if they think you are a good source of information, they will eventually subscribe to your feeds.
5. Be funny. I would not subscribe to your feeds if everything you blogged about is the negative side of life. Everybody has their share of the negativities of life, we don’t need additional negative forces. Be funny. Give us more positive energies. And feed subscribers will follow you.
6. Be a celebrity. Well, this one is kinda hard to achieve. Being featured on a tv can attract more feed subscribers. Join 1 Vs. 100.
7. Socialize offline. Attend EB. Attend blog parties. People that you meet will most likely subscribe to your feeds.
8. Be famous.
9. Blog about your place. People seems to associate themselves if they read a blog about a certain place they have been. Like some people would subscribe to this blog because they want to read some recent news about Batangas. Yes, Vilma is still our Governor.
10. Talking about politics, the AB-ZTE-FG controversy and the like will gain you some readers interested in politics. Give nice views and commentaries to gain subscribers.
11. Be inspirational. People love reading inspirational stories to make their life a little better.
12. Be special to someone. You can be a special friend online. You could be a boyfriend to everyone. They will surely subscribe to your RSS feeds to know your whereabouts. Hehehe.
13. Blog about new information, something that people will not read on the ordinary news website.
14. Be friendly offline and ask all your friends to subscribe to your RSS feeds. Hehehe.
15. Link to this post and I will subscribe to your feeds, promise. 😉

I think, this is enough. To make the long story short, aside from putting your subscribe to feed button on a proper place, you should put relevant content to your blog to make it worthy of subscription. Still, content is king.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Hi, thank you for the tips. I linked you in my post here: http://www.missnexus.com/node/721 Have a nice day 🙂

  2. great tips 😉 thanks!

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