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GMA Grants Pardon To Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada

After talking about some PageRank slapping, let’s shift to politics to see what’s going on in our beloved country. Well, this one is too hard to pass. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo just grants pardon to Joseph Erap Estrada!

Here’s the President’s order in full:

“Whereas, this Administration has a policy of releasing inmates who have reached the age of seventy (70),

“Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has been under detention for six and a half years,

“Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly committed to no longer seek any elective position or office,

“In view hereof and pursuant to the authority conferred upon me by the Constitution, I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder and imposed a penalty of reclusion perpetua. He is hereby restored to his civil and political rights.

“The forfeitures imposed by the Sandiganbayan remain in force and in full, including all writs and processes issued by the Sandiganbayan in pursuance hereof, except for the bank account(s) he owned before his tenure as President.”


And here’s the video of Ignacio Bunye reading it on national television:

That’s all!

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