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Uploaders Of Marimar Episodes In Youtube Received A Notice From GMA 7

I was quite surprised today seeing a boost in traffic on this blog due to people searching for marimar episode 39. Luckily, this blog is on the first page of Google for the said keywords, and unluckily, I don’t have a copy of that Marimar episode. So, what’s with the number 39 and why people are searching for it?

I investigated a little bit on Youtube and found out that the latest Marimar episode uploaded on it is episode 38. And the usual people who’s uploading the episode suddenly stopped. Why? Because GMA 7 sent them a notice about copyright infringement. Here are the messages from the uploaders PinkEspaniola and Cutiemikee:

Being one of the biggest fans of GMA’s MariMar Remake (alongside cutiemikee), it breaks my heart to tell my fellow Kapuso that Episode #38 of MariMar will be my last upload on YouTube, due to COPYRIGHT ISSUES.

Maraming salamat po sa mga nakaunawa. At para po sa mga nagagalit, hinihingi ko po ang inyong pang-unawa. -PinkEspaniola

From Cutiemikee:

mahirap po para samin ni pink na tumigil. We already received some nasty responses, and like what other people said – somehow naging responsibility na namin to sa inyo since nasimulan na namin at bkit di namin ipagpatuloy.

But we chose to do what is right. We understand what copyright infringement is. Buti sana kung hindi sya ire-release sa dvd. But the thing is, we don’t own the show and we don’t have the permission from its rightful owners. Not to mention that pink already received a notice from GMA Records.

Some people are quite angry with what happened. Just read the reactions of the people on cutiemikee’s page. Binitin nga naman sila.

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