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Bad News For Widgetbucks Publishers

Widgetbucks just announced that as a means to make their advertisers happy, they will no longer credit clicks coming from countries other than USA and Canada!

Let me quote their official blog post:

Starting tomorrow (Nov. 15), clicks coming from outside the U.S. and Canada on WidgetBucks widgets will no longer be charged to merchants, and therefore, no publisher credit will be given for those clicks. This will positively impact publisher RPC levels, and the change does not affect earnings from October (just posted) or the first half of November.

Hmm, so if most of your visitors are not coming from these countries, you’ll greatly be affected. I’m planning to install this WordPress plugin so as to show Widgetbucks ad only on U.S. and Canada. There’s no point on showing their ads on other visitors if I will not be credited for their clicks. Now, my problem is, how am I going to do this on my Blogspot blog? Maybe, I’ll just put it there for a month and if it’s not converting, I’ll totally remove them.

Reactions from the Blogosphere:

Darren of Problogger writes… My own personal opinion with the changes that were announced in it regarding non US and Canadian traffic – I’m not surprised (other publishers have done this), but it sucks. As a publisher who is running WidgetBucks on a blog which gets 70-80% Australian traffic (a country that I know buys extensively online from around the world) I’m very disappointed that yet again an ad network is changing the rules mid stream.

CashQuest writes… WidgetBucks has suggested that publishers with lots of traffic from outside North America implement geo-targeting on their ads and serve different ads to those visitors. WHY CAN’T THEY GEO-TARGET AD PRICING THEMSELVES?

Etienne writes… Do you think i care that you are not making your RPC? As a Ad network, you failed to anticipate your next move quick enough and you have to wait for one freaking month with your acclaimed 800,000 to 900,000 unique visitors, 30,000 publishers and then bust our earnings after your recent statement?

Nspeaks.com writes… Unless they come up with some fruitful alternative, I am switching them off. Bye Bye WidgetBucks.

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