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The Filipina Writing Project Night

I went to Ponciana’s Kitchen at Timog Ave. corner Sct. Torillo, QC to attend the awards night of the Filipina Writing Project organized by Ms. Janette Toral. I’m so lucky I won the following:

  • $100 from Regaloservice.com for ranking the highest among the contestants on Yahoo
  • $100 from MyUSmailbox.com for ranking the highest among the contestants on Google
  • Illuminant from WellCom via raffle draw
  • Php 300 worth of Buy And Sell advertisement plus ballpen from AlfoxComputer.com via raffle draw

This is the first time I won so many prizes in a single night. Too bad, I still don’t have a Google shirt. Hehehe. Nanalo na, reklamo pa. LOL!

Special thanks to all the sponsors!

Link love to all the participants!

Congratulations, Ms. Janette Toral for making this project a success. Thank you very much!!!

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Update: See the official blog for the complete list of winners.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Congrats for the prizes you got, however, you did not mention the other winners of the contest. It is a self-serving journal, considering that you were there to attend the event, unfortunately, you did not able to identify those who were chosen to win the competition.

  2. @Reymos… I’m sorry about that. Can’t remember the other winners, they were not present last night so it’s hard to recall who they were. Jannette just announced their blog, and I was not able to take down notes. (It was not even shown on screen or something, just announced) At the time I wrote this post, the official winners were not yet posted on the official blog. Don’t worry, I’ll update this post when I got the official list. Of course, this is a self-serving journal because this is my blog, not a news media outfit. 🙂

  3. wow! congratulations…
    dami mo prizes!!

  4. Hi! These are what I can remember.
    Winners based from content are Filipina Works! Abroad, The Funniest Filipina Vloggers and I forgot the other one.

    And of course, you won both prizes for the search engine rankings. =)

    I posted the pic na at my site.

  5. Congrats, bro! Kahit late ako kagabi, nakabawi pa rin, lalo na sa informative discussion natin sa pos-event gimik. Kita-kits ulit sa susunod. 🙂

  6. OO nga dami mo na nakuha, complain ka pa LOL.

    I’m still waiting for that free coffee at Starbs or Seattle. =P

    Nice meeting you.

  7. Wow congrats brod! Dami mong napanalunan ah. Galing talaga! Sayang di ako nakapunta.

  8. ur both lucky and genius! hehehe 😛 astigGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! hehehee.. sarap sarap $200.. yum yummm 😀

  9. “This is the first time I won so many prizes in a single night. Too bad, I still don’t have a Google shirt. Hehehe. Nanalo na, reklamo pa. LOL!”

    ate aileen oh…….. 😛

  10. Congratulations! Sayang, di ako naka-attend 🙂

  11. congratulation to you bro.

    you really deserve the seo prize.

  12. Congratulations from RegaloService.com! Smart move on your SEO strategy 🙂

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