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HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

If you visited this blog around 6:00 PM yesterday, you were probably greeted with a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error page or a WordPress error page.

It started to load slowly around that time and then, it started serving those error messages. I was not doing anything on my blog when those error messages started showing up. So, what happened?

When I noticed that my blog was loading slowly, I immediately sent a support ticket to Dreamhost to check it out. I sent a support ticket again when I saw those error messages telling them that my blog is already down and I need their urgent attention.

After more than 4 hours of intermittent connection, they finally replied when I noticed that my blog is already back to its normal behavior. No more error messages showing up. They always do that to me, they’ll try to fix the error first before replying. And here is their reply:


Sorry for your experience of late.

I’ve done some research, but didn’t find a problem with the server. However, I did find that you have a processs that is being killed by procwatch. In short, the user marhgil is hitting the memory limit of our procwatch program. So your best bet would be to work on your code to streamline it. Also any unnecessary loops, plugins or processes should be removed.

I tried to figure out which process was causing the problem, but just didn’t see it.

Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.


Si Kacy pa nagreply? Kaano ano kaya sya ni Ate Shawie? 🙂

I’m not sure what causes that problem where I’m hitting their memory limit. Too many visitors? I don’t think so. This blog’s most users online is 190 which happened last November when I submitted one of my blog post to Stumbleupon. This blog handled them well with flying colors. On the other hand, this blog was just averaging 30 users online when the problem happened. Maybe, someone attacked my blog? I don’t know.

As a necessary precaution, I went over my plugins and deactivated everything that I don’t really need. I also upgraded this blog to the latest WordPress version. Somebody must be messing with the security hole on the previous version. Well, I really don’t know.

Now, everything is back to normal. No more error messages. This blog is now alive and sucking dollars again from Google Adsense. 🙂

Thank you Dreamhost support for doing your job. But please, send an acknowledgement e-mail first before fixing the error. Your dreamhoststatus blog is good, but I wanted to know personally if you are really attending to my needs.

About the blog post title? Of course, I’m going to optimize for those keywords so that I could get back the money I lost on the ads when this blog was down. Hehehe. It could send me more money actually if I hit the first page for that error. I’m sure, that error message shows up from time to time on different websites. 🙂

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