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Paypal Withdrawal To Philippine Bank Accounts Now Available!

Just a quick post. I just want to blog about it. Got this news from PinoyMoneyTalk. Paypal withdrawal to Philippine bank accounts is now available! I checked my Paypal account and it’s true! Yey! More details soon. Still trying to figure out how to do it. 🙂

Update: I tried adding my bank account and I can’t do it. They are asking for a 9-digit bank code, which is I don’t know yet. Gonna contact my bank on Monday. I can’t find any information on the internet yet about this Paypal bank code.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. ayus to ah.. hehehe tingnan ko kung pd ung BDO.. tnx sa info..

  2. hahahaha.. napadaan din ako kay kuya james, first kasi siya sa results for paypal bank code philippines 😀 wahehehe.. mag popost di ako! wahahaa (inggit)

  3. Marhgil, here’s some info on the Bank Codes required in PayPal. The list is not complete yet but we’ll try to add some more once we get the info. Hope this helps.

    Bank Codes (to withdraw PayPal in Philippines)

  4. Thanks for the link, Marhgil. As for the bank codes, we’ve made a partial list of Bank Codes for PayPal withdrawal here. Hope this helps.

  5. nice naman etong balita na eto at least now i do not need the eon ^_^

  6. Uy, pangatlong comment ko na ‘to Marhgil, mukhang nde pumasok yung naunang dalawa. Bakit kaya?

    Anyway, thanks for the link. As for the Bank Code, meron akong bagong article pero nde pa kumpleto ang listahan. We’ll keep updating the article as soon as we get the info.

  7. I’d like to share to everyone how I withdraw money from Eon Card hehehe kung meron pang interested… http://berryblitz79.blogspot.com/2007/12/withdraw-paypal-funds-to-union-bank-eon.html

    kasi as of now, i still prefer eon, ayaw ko kc ng online transaction. takot ako.

  8. Good news to para iwas $5. Sayang kaya yun. Hehehe

  9. @James… nahuli ni Akismet mga comments mo. false positive 🙂

  10. bad news saken to hehehe as in wala na akong lusot sa mga boylets ko! hehehe! kairita! hahaha!!!

  11. Tangna naman oh! Kung kelan ako kumuha ng eon, dun din lumabas ang local banks. Sayang ang 500 ko. Mar pwede ko bang ipa cancel ang eon ko?

  12. uy cool, pwede na pala to! kaya lang how much kaya ang charge?

  13. I just opened my paypal today and also saw this notice. At first i didn’t believe so i checked the google if it’s true. I so pinoymoneytalk’s post about it and this one. wow! that’s good news!!!!

  14. good news ito ah… ma check nga…

  15. Thanks for the info Mr. Macuha! Great news!

  16. Just a heads up. click here >>>> Successful Withdrawal From PayPal To Philippine Bank Accounts
    It’s fast and no charge or deductions.

  17. Can i still withdraw my Paypal Money in BDO bank account even if you don’t have credit card attached to it.
    thank you for your response..

  18. guys,,,,please help me…..i can’t withdraw from paypal to my BDO account….i’m having a problem with “link to confirm debot or credit card…” but it’s still denied…i dont know what to do…..

  19. How can I pay through paypal by using my “Allied Bank” bank account? and how would I withdraw from my paypal through my bank account? please reply … thanks much!

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