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Paypal BDO Bank Codes And Some Ramblings

Ramblings first. 🙂 I’m absent at work today. Stupid LBM. I don’t know which caused it. Is it the Lemon Square bread and Pepsi Max at Shell SLEX? Is it the Potato salad or the Tuna Fettuccini at World Chicken Glorietta? Or is it the buttered pop corn when I watched I Am Legend with my girlfriend last night? Or maybe, a mixture of all of them caused my bowel to loosely move. 🙂 I feel so weak today, quite dehydrated after more than 4 trips to my throne. So far, it seems that the Diatabs I took is already taking care of it.

Ok, enough of my ramblings. Let’s talk about something else. I’m still at lost with my Paypal withdrawal. Banco De Oro’s (BDO) bank code is not listed on Pinoymoneytalk’s list of bank codes. A little googling sent me to Alfredo Palconit’s post about BDO bank code. He got his own and said that the bank codes might be different on each BDO branch. I’ll just wait if he’s succesful with his withdrawal. Sayang din ang 250 kung palpak. Hehehe. Anyway, I already sent a separate e-mail to BDO customer service via their online e-banking asking them for my bank code. I’ll just wait for their reply.

As an additional information, Paypal already released a guideline on how to withdraw your Paypal money to Philippine bank accounts, check it out here.

Offtopic: I’ll announce the winner of my Entrecard contest later today.

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