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Is E-card A Cool Gift To Give On Valentine’s Day?

I’m not sure if giving an e-card on Valentine’s Day is cool. Why? You spent nothing, most e-cards are free. You just customize it, put a name of your loved ones and click send. Wala man lang kaeffort-effort. LOL!

I think, it’s good to send an e-card if and only if your loved one is far away from you, probably residing on other country where meeting personally is impossible, and you are out of budget to send a flower, chocolates or a real greeting card.

Sending a Valentine E-card is good if you are sending it to your friends. They’ll appreciate it. However, for your special someone, sending an e-card alone might give you a lonely Valentine’s day. 🙂 You’ll end up outside de kulambo.

Well, that’s just my opinion. To read more about Valentine’s day gift ideas, here are some nicer reads. 😉

Note: This post is made as a part of my Valentine’s Day SEO project, nothing more, nothing less. Links to your Valentine blog posts will be added if they are related to my topic at hand.

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