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Project Wonderful’s Effect On My Google Adsense Earnings

On the first week of testing Project Wonderful on this blog, I found out that putting them here did not affect my Google Adsense performance. There’s no change in my Google Adsense CTR and earnings, hence, Project Wonderful is a good source of additional income. Even up to now, Project Wonderful is not affecting my Google Adsense earnings on this blog.

When I put it on my text messages blog, I did not see any difference on the first few days on my Google Adsense earnings. The CTR is the same and the average earnings per day is the same on my Google Adsense. However, lately, when an ad about love quotes and text messages started showing up, I noticed a drop on CTR on my Google Adsense. My CTR got a 50% drop on that blog, and so is my earnings.

It seems that it is competing on my Google Adsense ads because all my Google Adsense ads are about text messages and quotes and that particular ad is also about text messages. And since that ad is attractive and well-designed, it gets more clicks than my Google Adsense ads. A benefit for the advertiser, but not for me.

Weighing the pros and cons, I decided to cancel that ad. That ad box is only paying me at least 20 cents per day and I’m losing around $5 per day on Google Adsense. Of course, I politely sent a message to the advertiser on why I’m cancelling the ad.

Now, I manually approve the ads on that blog so as to prevent it from happening again. I will still continue to accept ads, but not ads about text messaging. You can display ads about ringtones, cellphones, blogging or anything mobile-related except about text messages. Sorry, but I can’t afford to lose $5 a day.

So, another lesson learned. If you are in a tightly-specific niche, the Project Wonderful ad could be competing with your Google Adsense and might affect its performance. Of course, you’ll know this by monitoring your logs. Constantly monitor your logs and do the necessary adjustments when you see something wrong is going on.

It seems that it is not good for my text messages blog. I’ll monitor it for another week and if it does more harm than good to me, then, I’ll remove it.

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