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Tips For Project Wonderful Publishers

Since many are already joining Project Wonderful, I’ve decided to give some tips for publishers to attract more advertisers on their ad box.

1. Ad format. I suggest you choose the 125×125 ad format. This ad format is so popular now, many advertisers are using it on their ad campaigns.

2. Ad placement. As much as possible, put your ad boxes above the fold. Advertisers want the most from your ad boxes. They want more exposure. Having your ad boxes above the fold is a plus factor.

3. Keyword tags. Tag as many keywords as you can think of relevant to your page when setting up the ad box so that advertisers can easily find your page when they are searching by tag.

4. Description. Write a good description of your site. Give advertisers some tips on how they could get more from advertising on your ad box.

5. Minimum bid. This all depends on how you value your site. But I suggest to make it lower than what you are expecting. When I started, I set the minimum bid to $1, and no one is bidding. When I set it to $0.20, advertisers come. When they got the experience of what your ad boxes could give to their site, they will try to defend their spot as much as possible when someone tries to outbid them, thus increasing the price. I think, a minimum bid of $0.10 is fair enough. But you can go lower if you want to.

6. Look for advertisers with high budget. Check out Entrecard or other sites where advertising costs $2 or more. You can send message to these advertisers via Project Wonderful’s messaging system. Or if they have Entrecard too, you can drop your Entrecard and send a message to them. Just be polite and tell them that you’re new to Project Wonderful, they might want to check your blog and see if they could advertise on it. If your traffic is high and the minimum bid is still low, I’m sure they will bid.

7. Use Auto-approve all ads feature. Just make sure that you select the Do not accept any ads rated NSFW if you don’t want adult sites advertising on your blog. Time is gold, and you are losing money if there’s a delay on approving the ads, so, let Project Wonderful automatically approve the ads for you. 🙂

8. Lastly, be patient. My ad box on this blog took 2 days to get filled up. My ad box on my text messages blog took more than 5 days before all spots were taken. So, just wait for your time. Advertisers will come if you follow the first 7 tips I mentioned above.

That’s all. Have a wonderful day!

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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