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What is Wrong with BDO Internet Banking?

I am used to doing transactions online. I pay my bills online, I transfer funds online, thanks to BDO’s internet banking service.

However, getting used to this have a negative impact on me when their service suddenly went down without prior notice recently. Actually, up to now, their site is still down. Don’t they have a back-up server online? Or both of them went down?

Their internet banking is offline for almost 2 days already. I can’t access my account since last Wednesday evening. So, instead of doing my usual transactions online, I have to ask my wife to do it over-the-counter now. When you are not used to queuing just to get served by a teller, it’s a hassle, isn’t it?

Banco De Oro, wazzup? Can’t find ways? You can’t even redirect your main site’s non-www URL to your www URL eh.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Yup, there’s something wrong with their website. Once I was able to login but I was seeing another person’s account.

  2. i am still hesitant to use the online banking of my bank. I am worried that the Windows XP installed in my PC has spy especially that I am using a cracked version of it.

  3. I’ve been also trying to access my account online for two days now but still unsuccessful.

  4. Same problem here. I deposited money to pay for my hosting, and my hosting company told me they couldn’t process my invoice because BDO was down.

  5. thanks for this. i myself am very dependent on online banking and was starting to think something was wrong with my browser when i couldn’t access BDO for two days straight.

    it’s now working but was terribly disappointed to note that their transaction records are only updated until 29 september! i also tried to send them a message calling their attention on this incident (via the website) and after typing my long message, i got an error message couldn’t retrieve it anymore!

  6. re manilenio’s comment – whoa! that’s really scary!

  7. Internet and phone banking are very convenient. But, if something like this happened, it’s a hassle especially especially if the outage took more than a day.

  8. i am planning to enroll for the Banco de oro debit mastercard.. for electronic payments. and banking but maybe they can fix it in few days.. BPI don’t have any problem online

  9. @Tom: yes i agree, it is a hassle really most especially that Philippines is prone to outage then that would really be a problem. It is much safer to visit the bank then.

  10. Yeah since, the merger of Equitable and BDO I haven’t been able to view my account online at all! I guess they can’t find the way

  11. I also experienced the same problem. I couldn’t pay my bills online which caused quite a problem for me since I am on shifting duty. So I called up 631-8000 about it. They suggested I use internet explorer or firefox and type https://www.mybdo.com.ph and viola! It worked!!! About time you should try it too. Happy to share this info with you guys

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