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Comment Spam

Here’s my own definition of comment spam.

  • Uses keywords in the “Name” section of the comment form. It says name, so, use your name, nick name, or alias. But not keywords such as “make money online”.
  • Automated trackback/pingback that is obviously scraping my content.
  • Uses permalinks in the “Website” section of the comment form. It says website, so don’t put your permalinks in there. If you want your permalink in it, send me a trackback or a pingback. I don’t delete them as long as they are not trackback/pingback spam.
  • Uses gambling and p*rn sites on the “Website” section. I don’t link to these kind of sites.
  • Uses too many links on the “Comment Body.” Unless you are giving your source on your comment, I will delete any comment with so many links in it.
  • One-liners such as “Nice info”, “Thanks for sharing”, “Good post!”, “Good job!”. Is that all you can say?

All comment spams will be deleted on this blog effective immediately. Ok, not immediately, but I’ll delete them slowly starting today. I’ve got thousands of comments to manually check.

There are many ways to get a link. Directory submission. Social bookmarking site submissions. Exchanging links. Link baiting.

Stay away from comment spamming my blog. Hindi yan lulusot. I don’t like spam. I prefer ham with cheese. 🙂

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. good post!

    lol. yeah, i also weed out spammers as well, pero unlike siguro sa traffic mo, medyo tedious nga.. hehe but in fairnes, masarap din ang spam ah.. :p

  2. I also hate spam and prefer tuna spread, he he joke lang. Anyway you are right by including those comment who uses keywords on the name section. When someone do that on my blog I always think twice before approving it but if the site looks OK, I approve it.

  3. Unfortunately, I am getting tons of spam comments. Kahit anong i-install sa theme ko ayaw gumana e. I think I have to change my theme.

    Pareho tayo, ayaw ko din ng spam. Mas gusto ko Coke with cheese…lol!

  4. oohh (that’s the anti-spam word of the day,hehehe) i thought u approve the comments manually. But it’s a good thing you hate SPAM, it’s bad for our health.=) Chicken Sandwich for me.

  5. Nice one…

    Magandang heads up ‘to para sa mga blog owners. I’ve been receiving a lot of pingbacks or trackbacks. Now, I don’t know if I should approve ’em or not.

    But with this idea, alam na. Hehehe… 😆

  6. number 1 comment spammer ako sa blog mo… hehe.

  7. wahehehe, may kilala ako na ganito mag comment, padaplis na comment pero spam din ang motive hehehe. kawawa naman nag aaksaya lang ng pagod mag spam sa comment. Sana matauhan na yun hehe

  8. When I see this kind of comment in my akismet I ussually delete not unless I know who is that blogger who leaves the comment.

  9. I agree with most points on your post.

    Though I always include my latest blog post if the commenting system doesn’t fetch it by itself. I think this is just fair. Both for relevance to the post being made and for others that see the comment to go there if it is relevant.

    Also obviously for SEO as you do have no-follow disabled which encourages this.

  10. nice site!…..

    ooopppss….. teka.. dapat medyo mahaba.. nice site nice site nice site! hahaha. joke lang ^_^

    ako gusto ko ng spam with bread or rice.. ayaw ko ng spam lang na spam.. hahaha 😀

  11. Hahaha you really spam, So would that mean you’ll delete my comment here? sana wag naman, anyways I’ve been a frequent visitor of you blog and I find it very informative.

  12. Looks like this post was almost like a ‘kick me’ sign. Sorry you are getting slammed with so much spam. Use a good WP plugin. They can block 90% of the spam so you can quickly review the borderline posts.

  13. there are those who uses commenting as a link-building strategy. kaya siguro make money online or busby seo test gamit nila sa name portion. I used the busby seo test in commenting sa blogs ng mga offline friends ko. pero less than 5 lang yun. and it feels weird writing down a name that others use also.

  14. i think you right with your opinion about spam, i don’t like spam too. But in my site i just use a plug in to block that activity. thank’s for your information, that very help me to more protect my site and now i must look comment by comment to categories that spam or no not just use plugin.thank.

  15. We generated a comprehensive do follow list that we have get updated since May. Over half of the blogs dropped out or went back to No Follow due to comment spam. It bums me out but people just only seem to care about themselves and not the blog owner.

  16. nice info here 😀

    yep marami talgang spammers lalo na sa comment section.. mag comment pero included lahat ng blog url nila.. but i mas annoying ata ang mag comment na pls vote for me or help me to win…
    I read an article about criticizing Filipinos as comment spammer.. marami nagreact mostly Filipino.. hehehe the truth really hurts.. 😀

  17. in addition to my comment.. cgro masarap ka lng ispam marhgil…

  18. Ganyan talaga pag malaki at popular na site mo, dami na spammers, ahahaha!

    I like chinese ham the best!!

  19. Is there a way na di na maka pag spam comment uli yung spammers sa blog?

    I receive spam comments at ang haba pa at super daming links kaya now delete all spam na diretso unlike before na iniisa ko baka may naligaw na comment na di spam.

  20. Hi. I’m just new with blogging. A friend of mine referred me to your site for some tips and advise. And indeed your site is an excellent example for beginner like me. Thank you for all your ideas.

  21. Nakakainis talaga yang mga spam na yan, sobrang nakakaloka! haha

    Ang galing ng mga SEO tips mo, parang mga ang dali lang pero it really takes time. Well congrats ang taas ng PR mo!

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